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At Adnaw Accounting Services Ltd. we are developing a network of partners with whose assistance we provide better quality services to our clients, even in countries where we do not have our own office. We also share current information on the market for business process outsourcing (BPO) companies.

We are thus able to cover the requirements of both leading UK companies and international clients and through this network ensures geographical coverage of the services requested.

Adnaw Accounting Services sp. Ltd. is also a member of several important foreign chambers of commerce.

An international association of business process outsourcing firms providing high quality professional services to an international clientele, while endeavoring to strengthen their performance through the sharing of common knowledge and expertise. In progress.


Corporate and trust services.

Our Business Partner in Legal Services.

Our Business Partner in Accounting Services.


German-Poland Chamber of Commerce and Trade is part of a global network of German bilateral foreign economic chambers. In progress.

American Chamber of Commerce in Poland is part of a a global network of US bilateral foreign economic chambers. In progress.




BPCC (British Polish Chamber of Commerce) is an offshoot of the British Chamber of Commerce, which works on improving business relations between the Poland and Great Britain. In progress.




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